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Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine

Description :

Brief about the product:

DYPPF series machine can simply called as a perfect filling machine or a multi-purpose filling machine. In this machine, we can fill from liquids to hard paste material without changing any parts. A very user-friendly model with low maintenance requirement. This machine is the upgraded version of ordinary semi-automatic Motorised Paste filler. Here, All filling operations are done by Pneumatic Cylinders. Less rotating/ moving parts means low maintenance.

Machine Structure and Working:

Complete Filling machine unit is mounted on a strong frame structure with a top plate. A horizontally assembled Piston Barrel unit attached to a Pneumatic Cylinder is the main part of this machine. Other parts are, A rotary valve actuated by a pneumatic rotary actuator/CYLINDER, and a volume adjusting screw. A separate panel box is provided with the machine to perform all the operations in sequence. A pedal operating foot switch is also given to do each filling. A cut-off drip free valve can also provided as added facility to stop dripping during filling. When the mains are ON, the only operation manually done is to place the bottle/container under the fill nozzle, and to press the foot switch. A perfect measured filling is occurre

Special Features:

  • Complete GMP Model suitable for Pharma Applications and food industries.
  • Clean filling without dripping,
  • Any material from free flowing liquids to hard pastes can be filled by same machine.
  • Cras justo odio
  • High accuracy in each filling.
  • Container resting Platform provided
  • Separate Panel Box with all control switches away from fill area.

1)SPECIFICATIONS For Semi-Automatic PISTON filler Pneumatic Machine

2)Machine Model: Semi-Automatic Honey Filler Pneumatic, DYPF1100

3)Machine overall size; 3.5 ft L X 1Ft W X 2.5 Ft H

4)Machine weight: 50kgs approx.

5)All Material contact Parts are in SS316 grade, finished to mat.

6)Fill Barrel size: 65mm Bore X 180 Length(For1000gms filling)

7)Output: 12-16 fills per minute with bigger nozzle.

8)Fill Capacity:100gms-1000gms as per barrel size

9)Compressor required: 5.5 Kg.cm2, 3 cfm.