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Fully Automatic Tube Filling Machine


Being the best manufacturer and exporter of Automatic Tube Sealing Machine, we are providing Automatic Tube Sealing Machines in two models. The featured range of Automatic Tube Sealing Machines is, designed by the experts with utmost precision so that we could cater the best.


  • Single Head Eight station Turret type (Flower Wheel) rotary Lamia
  • Plastic Tube Filling Sealing Machine
    • Single Head- DETS01150
    • Double Head- DETS02150

Apt for

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharma creams
  • Pastes
  • Herbal fairness cream
  • Lotions
  • Industrial gums etc


  • Tube feeding is manual & all other operations are completely automatic
  • Complete GMP Models also Available
  • Jacketed Hopper and Stirrer for Hopper Available as per Requirement


  • Minimum 25-30 tubes per minute for Single Head- DETS01150 and 50-60 Tubes for Double Head – DETS02150


  • Tube Sealing Machine is designed for only Sealing and Trimming plastic and Laminated Tubes
  • Any tube diameter from19mm to 50 mm can be sealed and trimmed in this model
  • Easy adjustment of height according to different tube heights by rotation hand wheels
  • Any tube heights from 100 mm to 250mm can be sealed and trimmed
  • 1 set of tube holders supplied with the machine
  • All types of tubes can be sealed whether it is plastic or laminated tubes
  • Adjustable digital temperature controller to select different temperatures for different materials of tubes
  • Adjustable heating time and sealing time for different tubes
  • Solenoid operated trimming and batch coding station
  • Separate air pressure regulator for the machine to maintain air pressure steady
  • Compact and economy model, requires small area to occupy.2ft. X 2 ft


  • Cosmetic Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries

Technical Specifications

  • Machine Model : Single Head Eight Station Automatic Tube Filler Sealer - Aets01150
  • Overall Dimensions : 800l X 800w X 1700 Mm Including Hopper
  • Packing Box Size : 3 Ft Lx 3 Ft W X 6 Ft H
  • Net Weight : 250kgs
  • Gross Weight : Approx. 325 Kgs
  • Output Capacity : 25-30 Tubes per Minute
  • Compressed Air Supply Required : 3 Cfm(cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Motor Power : 1/4 Hp 1 Phase, 1440 Rpm, Dc Geared Motor
  • Indexing of Turret (flower Wheel) By Mechanical Geneva Mechanism (45 Deg.)
  • Feeding of Tubes Into Pockets By Hand (Manual Tube Feeding).
  • Pneumatically Operated Piston Filling with Drip Free Cut off Valve
  • Hot Air Heater Capacity : 1000 Watts
  • Hot Air Blower Made in House with Special Design and Specifications
  • Batch Code on Sealing Jaws
  • 20 Liter Hopper for Filling Unit.
  • Automatic Ejection by Pneumatically Operated Pushers
  • Acrylic Cover for Top Parts, Tube Orientation and Plc, Stirrer for Hopper Optional On Extra Cost
  • Extra Punches for Batch Coding like Alphabets Available on Extra Cost
  • Fill Range : 10ml - 150ml
  • Electric Power Required : 1 Phase, 230 VAC, 2 KWH
  • Delivery Time : 5 Weeks from Date of Advance

Technical Specifications

Pneumatically operated stations avoid much of mechanical parts in the Automatic Tube Sealing Machine and there by reduces the maintenance downtime PSCT15 is compact and table top model machine for sealing, coding and trimming Plastic/Laminated filled tubes in small quantities
Specially designed and in-house manufactured Hot air assembly provides uniform heating to the tubes A high efficient and sturdy design of by which we can seal, stamp Batch Code and even trim around 6000 filled tubes in 8hour shift
Single Head Model DYTS01150 comes along with 20 LTS. capacity SS304 Hopper, Stirrer (Optional), Jacket (Optional) SS 304/316 Piston filling for cream, gel, pastes etc with a maximum fill capacity up to 150 GMS PSCT15 is suitable for Cosmetic industries where the daily production is medium
Tube Orientation facility as optional This model can be used for lab and R&D purpose because each time a single tube is sealed or trimmed here and also it occupies a small area of floor or table space.(2sq. Ft)
Pneumatically operated sealing and Trimming jaws, batch printing, no tube no filling process switch, 0-9 types Hardened punches one set, one set of Tube Holders 8 No as change parts with the machine for the tubes of required size Peculiarity of this design is all operations are done pneumatically but each operation can be individually selected by electrical selector switches and Push buttons
Automatic ejection of sealed tubes embellished with pneumatic plunger, 1/4 HP DC 1 Phase motor, 1440 RPM, Push button start switch. Separate Panel box with PLC Controls for adjusting different time settings Inbuilt Panel box are having different switches and controls like Mains ON-OFF, Digital Heater (Temperature) control, Timers for Heating and Sealing, etc
Mechanical Indexing by GENEVA Mechanism is the advantageous feature of it