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Four Head Semi Automatic Liquid Volumetric Filling Machine


The machine is Compact versatile and elegantly matt finished unit totally enclosed in stainless steel having most of the features of automatic machine. The basic unit consist of reciprocating filling, nozzles, container platform, container centering device, syringe holder, HDPE tubes And pipes and on-line starter.


Two containers are manually placed on to the container platform, which is accurately centered initially for one size of container. The filling nozzles automatically enter the neck of the container at a pre-set depth and after filling, return back to the original position. Filled container are removed manually and replaced by empty ones.


  • Machines are motorized operated
  • Machines are also used to fill light foam based products.
  • Machines have a metal body, specially stainless steel body
  • Specialized machinery allows easy of reassembling and cleaning
  • Machines are used to fill Oil, Paints, Ink, Adhesive, GEL, Chemicals, Lubricants, Liquid medicines etc.
  • Machines are easy to maintain and clean